Family Trip to Disney World

So, I know it is irresponsible of me to start a blog one week and then just ignore it. It wasn’t intentional, but I went on family vaca to Disney World! And when I got back, I realized I had left my camera at West’s house 😦 No posts for two weeks! I have retreived my photos, though, and I’m ready to share some of my adventure…

I thought I’d snap photos of food and share them, but we seriously went nonstop. I did take a picture of West eating Mickey Ice Cream Ears (which are crucial for the REAL Disney experience).

Although my favorite park used to be Epcot, Animal Kingdom has achieved a higher rank in my heart. The absolute BEST roller coaster that I have ever ridden is at this park: Expedition Everest. If you’re going to Disney World, you’ve got to go to AK and ride the Yeti!

Another really cool attraction at AK is the Kilimanjaro Safaris. You hop on this “old” safari bus and take a tour through the African savanna. Last time we went, I wasn’t really impressed with the safari because it lacked a feeling of realness. However, this time, we got stopped along the track (due to some technical difficulties on the trail ahead) next to the Rinos, and they started coming near our bus! It was kinda scary, but definitely made the experience more authentic. Just look at that cute little baby with her mama…

We did go to Epcot and manage to do almost everything at the park in about nine hours. One part of the park that I really enjoyed was the greenhouses. We took a boat ride, which rode us through Disney’s experimental greenhouses and fish farms. They are doing alot of cool stuff with produce–trying to lessen the environmental impact of farming and learning new ways to grow in areas with little soil or water.

Before leaving the parks, we made sure to get a picture with one of the characters. Minnie showed up right before West and I had to leave. But when we tried to take a picture, she kept pushing me out of the frame and holding on to West. Funny, but I thought I was got to have to kick some mouse tail or make a call to Mickey.

Stay tuned for some new food blogs!


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