The Perfect Egg Sandwich

As I mentioned earlier this week, when I get stressed, I don’t put much thought into what I eat. Thankfully, I was able to not eat myself out of house and home. Instead, I just ate the same thing over and over. I ate bean salad for lunch, and I had an egg on a bagel each night.

I know this doesn’t really constitute as a cooking entry because basically all you do is scramble an egg–but that was the beauty of this meal for me. I could make it in less than five minutes, and nothing in or on it was all that bad (at least in moderation;)).

I think I use to make these when I lived with Rachel, Kelly and Britney in college.

You’re seeing: a bagel thin (yum!), spinach, tomato, pepper jack cheese, sriracha and an egg. I toast the bagel; heat some butter in a pan; grab the bagel and place the cheese on it so it starts to melt; pour the scrambled egg into the pan and just as it’s starting to cook, pull it off the heat so it doesn’t overcook and finally assemble the sandwich.

Some pepper, a few squeezes of Siriracha and ah! perfection.

I could eat one of these tonight…

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Egg Sandwich

  1. Faith! I love your blog! It is so cute. I really love the family beach pics you put on it. Especially Grandma! I will definitely check this out again. 🙂
    Btw- loved being with you this week.

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