Squash and Asparagus with Pesto Pasta

When I went home last weekend, my mom gave me this huge bag of squash that some sweet, older man had given my family, so I started to thinking about what I could make with all that squash…and then I remembered that I still had plenty of ingredients to make another batch of Cilantro Parsley Pesto. So, for the first time in a long time, I kinda made up my own recipe:

Squash and Asparagus with Pesto Pasta

To start, I chopped up my squash in half-moon slices and sprinkled them with flour, salt and pepper.

Then, I put some EVOO with some pesto in a pan and started to brown the squash. mmmm.

While I was cooking the squash, East (Anna) started grating some parrano…

And she chopped our asparagus (p.s. the asparagus was HER idea, and it was brilliant!)

Once the squash was done browning, I set it aside and sauteed the asparagus in some EVOO (big surprise) with salt and pepper. I also started cooking the pasta in some salted water.

Then it was time to mix everything together. To the three main ingredients, I added 2 T pesto and 1/4 C parrano.

Mmmmmm. This was so yummy. I’d like to add a little lemon juice next time to make it more summer-y.

Anna can totally vouch for me on this one–it was sooo good. We both ate it again for lunch!

I’m going to be moving in two weeks, so no new food buys for at least three. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to make a few things worth sharing. But stay tuned for birthday posts…

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