Birthday Baseball

I’ve been bad at posting lately. In my defense, I’ve been trying to read like a mad woman so that I can actually complete my next summer class which starts in like 10 days. I want to be ahead so that I don’t feel so behind when everything starts. Let’s hope this plan works!

So, last weekend, West turned 24. Yayyyy! We’re getting old! I couldn’t really decide what to get him. Like most men in my life (alright, so there’s only my dad and West), he can be difficult to buy for. But I proposed the idea that we go see the Braves play the Royals in Atlanta, and he agreed.

This was only my second major league game, and my first was just last year for West’s dad’s 50th Birthday (Yeah, his family sorta likes the Braves).

About to go find our seats!

He’s so excited and slightly pissed that I am making him pose for multiple pictures…hehe.

This place really is so much fun-even if you’re not really into baseball.

Oh, you know. Just eating some peanuts!

We split a hot dog, fries and peanuts. I was so full I thought I would burst. West, however, said he was still hungry when we left the game. hahaha.

Play ball!

It’s so hard to get pictures as a couple when you’re out! I asked the girl next to us if she minded taking a quick shot. She zoomed in on our faces (rebecca, I know you are cringing), and it’s blurry-sorry about that.

The field at night. 🙂 We stayed for the whole game, and the Braves won! Woohoo. Afterward, they had a fireworks show-it was sooooo fun.

I can’t wait to show you the birthday dinner we ate the next night…

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