Happy 4th of July!!

I know that I took a little break from blogging, but I was making some stressful decisions about school, and I had to move last week! Also, I decided that this is my new motto:

I’ve got some food posts to catch up on, but let’s do 4th celebrations first. I headed down to N. Myrtle with West’s family today, and we had a pretty American dinner.

Fresh corn and tomatoes from the garden. So yummmm. Tomatoes are seriously one of the only veggies that completely change for the better when in season.

We also had some pinto beans and fried chicken-so good. The corn stole the show, though. I definitely ate two cobbs! After dinner we headed to the pavilion for some games.

Just playin’ some Skee Ball. I’m pretty sure he beat me, but then I won around 75 tickets on another game…

West and his dad have a week of competitions set-up–this race was the first. West won, so West – 1 / Daddy Kelso – 0.

I was looking through pictures from last year, and I found this one of West. I can’t believe how long his hair was.

Once everyone had traded in their tickets for prizes, we headed out to the beach to watch some fireworks. I wore blue and white, and my toes were red–feeling pretty patriotic.

Then, West and I tried to take a picture of the two of us…

1st Try


3rd times a charm!

While we watched these

Others in the group chose to do this

hahahaha. Hope everyone had a happy 4th!!


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