Beach Food

I had so many beach pictures that I thought I should try to organize them into two posts, which is why this one is dedicated to all the yummy food we ate last week.

On Monday, we ate at this local Italian place where everything is homemade and delicious.

Benitos Brick Oven! Mr. Kelly recommended a few dishes, and I took him up on one of his suggestions.

Romanissimo: shrimp & chicken sauteed in olive oil with sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil in a lemon wine sauce served over linguini. It was so good-but there was just too much to eat.

West got the Chicken Parmgiana, which had a whole layer of baked cheese on top-mmmmmm. After filling up on pasta and pizza, we headed to a Jones family favorite for ice cream.

It’s a pretty popular place…

I got the peanut butter chip! I licked up every drop of this goodness.

On Tuesday, we went to another classic that I had never been to before: Hoskins.

It’s kinda like a hole in the wall that has been around for more than 60 years. They brought us some delicious hushpuppies to start off with. Mmm fried dough.

West and I decided to share something, and I let him pick what we’d eat. This is what he ordered…

A whole flounder!! I was kinda freaked out, but it ended up being good. I will admit, though, that fried fish pretty much all tastes the same to me. 😦

On Thursday, we ate some where that I’d actually been before: the Chesapeake House.

I didn’t get a picture of this (totally should have), but at the beginning of the meal, they bring you a huge bread basket filled with hushpuppies, sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls!

I ended up ordering the same thing I got last year when West and I went here: Mahi-Mahi topped with asparagus, crab meat and hollandaise sauce. So good and rich.

They really wanted a brother/sister picture after the meal.

Even though all this food was soooooo yummy, my favorite thing I ate all week was

Grandma’s pimento cheese! She makes THE best pimento cheese I have ever had. I didn’t even like the stuff before. I ate one of these sandwiches every single day for lunch, which may be why I gained about 3 pounds on this trip. oops.

So sad this is all over, but I’m definitely already thinking about next summer.

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