Rebecca and Kenneth came into town this weekend to go to Dollywood with Anna and me!!!

Rebecca is one of my best friends. But since she has been living in Colorado this year, I haven’t seen her since January. She also leaves for S. Korea in a matter of weeks, so this weekend get together was necessary.

Anna somehow coaxed them into “picking” the Pita House for dinner.

I mean, I think the food is awesome. But every time I go I eat too much, and it hurts my tummy 😦 This time I decided to order something different and see if I could practice better self control. I got the vegetarian plate.

You’re seeing: Hummus; Baba Ghanoush; Falafel; Cucumber, Tomato, and Onion Yogurt Salad and (so fresh!) Tabouli Parsley Salad.

Everyone else decided on the Hummus w/ Falafel plate.

I managed to eat just over half my plate, which made me comfortably full. Vegetarian plate was a good choice.

We spent the meal catching up and trying to capture each moment.

Rebecca just got back from China, so she had a lot to share with us. Like her date with a certain charming man…

A group photo of everyone stuffed to the brim.

I had a bit of a headache, and Kenneth offered me some of his peppermint oil, which really helped.

We went downtown to walk around and help things digest. Look at all my friends and their big bags…

As we were walking, we stumbled upon this little place by accident.

Just kidding. I pretty much made them go here because I’ve been CRAVING blueberryfrog all week. I actually went last Sunday, but they had closed at six (what the heck?!).

All these choices…

I decided on chocolate and plain mix (the best) with mochi balls, granola and chocolate chips.

We finished the evening with a nightcap that Rebecca brought back from China.

This is Chinese wine, and supposedly, it’s for a table of 12. But we each took a sip, and it was all gone! oops.

We hit the hay soon after so we could wake up before the sun and get to Dollywood when the gates opened.


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