Dollywood or Bust

When my best friend Anna was little, her parents use to take her and her brothers and sisters to Dollywood every summer. Needless to say, she has great memories of Ms. Parton’s theme park and has wanted to visit it again for awhile. So, as her graduation gift, I took her back to relive some of her childhood!

We left Greenville for the mountains around 6am.

I thought for sure everyone would pass out in the car, but we proved to be some chatty kathys on our way up the mountain. In addition to enjoying that beautiful drive (my favorite drive, actually) from the Carolinas to Tennessee, we saw some cool things like these hot air balloons.

We were in volunteer country before we knew it.

Ol’ Dolly was waiting at the rest stop to welcome us to her beautiful state, how sweet is that?

Right outside of the park, we stopped at subway to get some breakfast. I was the only one who actually ended up getting breakfast-everybody else chose sandwiches. But I wanted to try out their new stuff. I got an egg white sandwich with bacon, provolone, green peppers and salt & pepper.

It wasn’t amazing, but for 220 calories, it was probably one of the better choices I made that day. And after that, we were on to exciting things:

Anna and Kenneth riding the tram after parking…

Our first ride of the day was on the Mystery Mine, which was really freaky because you go straight up (like facing the sky) at two points.

We were glad we had four people since all the rides called for even numbered groups!

Once we were done screaming our guts out, we headed over to what looked like a smaller (kid’s) version of a Drop Zone. Rebecca, however, was really freaked out. We were suppose to race Anna and Kenneth to the top, but Rebecca couldn’t help me pull our rope because she was so scared. Haha.

Then we rode Thunderhead, which gave most of us a headache because it’s an older wooden coaster and really rough. We took a break from the coasters to take advantage of a few photo ops.

We made our way to Adventure Mountain, a huge ropes course. But, when we got there, they told Becca she couldn’t go on because she was wearing a skirt 😦 Kenneth and I still wanted to try it, so Anna chilled with Rebecca.

After waiting almost an hour, we were finally suited up.

Ready to go!

I think I must have forgot that I am semi-afraid of heights because I was really excited at first, but then it started to freak me out. haha.

I mean look at those little girls rounding the mountain! They were so much braver than me.

We rode a few more rides and then took a funnel cake break.

They have a train at Dollywood, but we forgot to ride it! Our day was over before we had the chance.

I think the sugar and carbs of the cake really got to us because we stood entranced by a glass blower and his goods for around an hour.

The process was really neat to watch–he was making an angel.

When the artist finished his piece, we headed into the store to see if we could afford any of his treasures, and we found these beauties.

Ya’ll, it seriously took us about 20 minutes to decide on which color to get. The lady at the counter had to be sooo annoyed with us. In the end, Rebecca and I chose what looked like opal, and Anna and Kenneth picked a cracked green!

We met a childhood favorite upon exiting the glass store: Larry the Cucumber!

Then we met a true southern belle.

We spent the remainder of the day riding water rides, touring Dolly’s tour bus and museum and picking up treasure to take home. It was really fun, and I’m so glad did it together!

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