A Saturday in Charlotte

Last Saturday, West had a show in Charlotte, which was perfect because that gave me another chance to see Rebecca before she leaves to what feels like a different planet for what seems like eternity. 😦

In addition to seeing RE-bek-a, a trip to Charlotte also meant that I could try a few of the places I always see other bloggers talking about like Big Daddy’s Burger Bar and Yoforia. On the way to the city, Anna made me and West record messages for Becca via Anna’s tape recorder (it was Anna’s surprise going away present for our friend about to cross the sea!).

We met up with Becca and Kenneth for lunch, and when we got to the restaurant, it was blowing up! Parking was kinda a nightmare, and we had to wait for a table a bit.

We figured it had to be delicious and worth the wait (seriously, every charlotte-area blogger that I read has talked about this place- Sweettater, KERF , HTP, and Front Burner.

Before we knew it, we were seated and enjoying an order of fried pickles.

We all loveeee the Penguin’s fried pickles, so we couldn’t help but compare these. But I actually like these better because they weren’t as greasy.

It was really difficult to decide what to order because everything sounded so good. I was really tempted to get a black bean burger, but in the end, meat won out! Anna, Becca and Kenneth got the black bean burgers, though, and said they were dee-licious. Maybe the best ever?

I ended up with the Frenchie…

which was a turkey burger with brie, applewood smoked bacon, apples and garlic mayo. It was great–I had to eat it with a fork because it was so big! Oh, and those sweet potato fries were yummy, too.

I took a picture of what West ordered: Sam I Am.

A basic burger topped with American cheese, a fried egg, rosemary ham and pesto. I thought it was a super weird choice (mostly because he wasn’t feeling great that day), but he said it was good-except the pesto was a little overpowering.

After lunch, West had to meet up with the band to unload/sound check. So the rest of us headed over to South Park to do some laps and help our food digest since it was probably over 100 degrees outside.

While we were there, we stumbled upon the mecca of fro-yo (?).

This place was sooo crowded. But we waited patiently to get our buckets.

And then we tasted about every flavor they had to offer. Peanut butter and a bit of plain won me over.

Then the endless choice of toppings…

and fruit…

I love chocolate and banana with peanut butter, so it didn’t take me a long time to decide. I threw a few pieces of kiwi in to keep the plain company.

The peanut butter was seriously so good, but I think I like blueberry frog’s plain better. I also like the fact that I can choose my portion and pay accordingly because I don’t always want 1.5 cups of frozen yogurt.

My roommate and I want to open a place like this in Greenville–but I don’t want to hurt the BF. Luckily, I won’t have to face this moral dilemma anytime soon unless I win the lottery.

After about 2 hours of walking/sitting in the mall, we headed over to Amos’ Southend to see West play. When we got there, I had a great surprise waiting for me.

This is the family I was a nanny for when I lived in Rock Hill from Jan ’09 – July ’09. Aren’t they perfect? I know I have had some good employers over the years, but this family is way up there on my list! They came to hear West play, but they didn’t know that he wouldn’t go on until after 10pm, so they couldn’t stay until the end. But! I am sooo happy that I was able to catch up with them. 🙂

While Parachute Musical torn down there set and Sequoyah set up, Rebecca and I revisited the “who is taller” debate.

Verdict: Becca by the tiniest amount.

Sequoyah played some new stuff, including one of my favs, that will be on their upcoming album.

Here’s one more picture of the boy from the next night in Greenville (note: the Channel’s new downtown location is awesome!)

While it’s hard dating someone who is on the road alot, it does give you a reason to visit more cities!

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