I like cute things

I am a sucker for small, cute things. So the bento boxes at Red Bowl were pretty much created for me. I know that the boxes aren’t exactly small, but the way they compartmentalize each item into its own small section, kills me.

Before I met up with West for bento boxes, I met Anna for our favorite addiction:

Green Tea Lattes

I always get mine with nonfat milk and whip, and Anna gets hers with 2% milk and no whip. We think it comes out even that way.

Greenville just got a Red Bowl, and Anna just happens to be the rising star employee at this establishment! So West and I decided to go and give her some business.

I’ve never been to one of these before, and I was really impressed with the decor-it’s nice! They have a sushi bar, a beverage bar, a private dining room and various other seating options in the main dining room.

West is still semi-embarrassed when I take pictures at meals. This is his “please, no” face.

I knew right off I wanted to get the bento box, and West decided to get the same simply because you can try a little bit of everything.

I chose Bang Bang Shrimp, a Spring Roll, Fried Rice and a Veggie Roll.

The Spring Roll=awesome. The Shrimp and Veggie Roll=very good. The Rice=not awesome. Everything was good but the rice. It was just sorta dry and lacking flavor, so I just didn’t waste any of my tummy space eating it.

West picked Beef and Broccoli, an Egg Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Fried Rice.

He said the Tuna Roll was the best thing he got, and he agreed with me about the rice.

Do I look heavenly?

You get soooo much food in the boxes, so we decided that we definitely should have just shared one.

My fortune: “You are always welcome in any gathering. Host a party this month.” Uh, did this with taco night!

His: “You will take a chance in the near future, and win.” I think we all know what chance I’m hoping he takes…starts with a r and ends with an ing? J/k. sorta. Also, what’s up with that weird comma before the conjunction?

If you’re in Greenville, you should definitely go support this new restaurant! Anna says they have some specials going on and that they have GREAT prices at lunch. šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “I like cute things

  1. ummm… can we be friends, please? love your blog. love your pics and the commentary. seriously glad to find you on the web. would love to meet up at the rooster for coffee sometime. šŸ™‚

    • uh-of course we can be friends! šŸ™‚ I’m glad you found me, too.

      I’m usually in Hartsville a few weekends a month, and West works on Friday and Saturday evenings, so I’d be up for coffee if you’re free. Let me know!

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