Growing Up Is Hard

This past Friday my little sister moved into college!! I decided to document the day since it’s pretty monumental.

You know what’s crazy, though? She’s actually going to the same school that my older sister and I went to. How often does that happen? Sooooo, I was all nostalgic all day.

I got there before the rest of the family, so I walked around campus to capture a few of my own memories.

The hall I lived on for three years.

My room!!

This is White Hall, where all my beloved English teachers had offices. Yeah. They pretty much had the coolest building on campus.

After I snapped that picture, my sister called to tell me they were on campus. I hopped in the car with Hope (younger sis), and she showed me her new iPod that she got for free with her new Mac. So jealous!

Then we started unloading the cars into her dorm room.

If you’ll notice the names on the door, my sister’s roommate’s name is Natalie, yet it is spelled “Natlie.” We loled over this for awhile.

We helped them unpack and get settled.

While my sister was doing her “move-in checklist” to make sure that nothing was broken, she tried to open the blinds and they fell down on her! hahahaha. They were being held up by masking tape! My mom said for 20,000 a year, we expect at least duck tape.

My older sister also detected some mold. Eeewww.

Finally, it was time for lunch in the ol’ Caf.

So many good memories of socializing, eating breakfast with West after our French class and consuming way more food than needed.

BBQ or Fried Chicken, Corn and Baked Beans. Nutritious right?

Hope and Natalie needed just a few things for their room, so we all piled into the car and headed to TR. When I started school here, the closest Walmart was 20-25 minutes away. The times, they are a changin’.

When we got back, it was time to part ways so the kids could go to orientation.

Family photo before we say goodbye.

The roommates together! I know you guys are going to have a wonderful first year since you have each other!

Proud of you Hopie 🙂


6 thoughts on “Growing Up Is Hard

  1. Still cannot believe that little Hopie is old enough to be in college! Wow…I can’t believe that YOU are old enough to be OUT of college!!! I sure love ALL THE TINNINS!!!!!

  2. I’m so glad you included a family photo. I haven’t seen the Tinnins in a very long time. Congratulations to Hope for making it to college. It’s a long way from the toddler I remember talking gibberish to your mom’s uh-huhs.

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