Quarter Life Crisis and Homemade Pasta

Last week, Anna and I went to the movies to see a show I couldn’t convince West to see with me.

I must confess that I didn’t read the book, and I’m sure it was great. The movie, however, was not that great. Anna and I both left the movie feeling like we were in some type of midlife crisis (much like Elizabeth experiences in the story) despite the fact that we haven’t even reached 25 yet!

The shots of Italy and Bali were beautiful. Oh, and the pasta looked heavenly. It reminded me of the one goal I had when I start the blog: make homemade pasta this summer.

So with summer quickly waning, I got to work!

Homemade Pasta

It’s amazing that all you need for one large serving of pasta is

* 1 egg
* 3/4 C flour
* 1/2 T EVOO
* 1 dash of salt
* drips of water as needed

I began my adventure by creating a little volcano shape with my flour.

Added my egg.

But then my egg started seeping through the bottom. Leak alert!

Once I broke the yoke and managed to incorporate some of the egg with flour, I put the oil, salt and a T of water into the mixture and started kneading.

After adding a few more tablespoons of water so that all the flour was worked into the dough, I rolled it into a ball, covered it with bowl and let it rest for 35ish minutes.

I went out to grab a few basil leaves while the dough did its thing. Basil looks great! Rosemary is officially dead. 🙂 / 😦

It was at this moment that I realized I didn’t have a pasta press. I forgot that you needed one of those. Eek! But, after doing some fast research, I learned that it’s perfectly acceptable to roll it by hand (it’s considered a lost art). Save by the WWW!

I cut the ball in half, and then I realized I didn’t have a rolling pin. Obviously, I need someone to donate some kitchen gadgets and utensils. I grab my roommate’s water bottle and got to work anyway.

I made sure my surface and bottle were well floured, and add a bit more to the dough as it stretched out.

Eventually, I was able to get it pretty thin without making any holes. Then, I cut the pieces into squares so I could create pasta that cooked evenly.

After, I rolled up like a carpet

and sliced it.

Look at this beautiful little pile.

If you weren’t planning on cooking it immediately, just hang (somehow) and dry.

I threw mine into some boiling water with salt, and it only took about 3 minutes to cook.

I wanted to be able to taste the pasta, so I kept the toppings simple: fresh basil, vine ripe tomatoes, salt, pepper and some parrano.

I did it! It was a success, and I can now check “make homemade pasta” off my life to-do list. 🙂 If I made this again, I think I would want to pair it with a hearty tomato sauce and maybe some type of spicy Italian sausage.

In conclusion, don’t see Eat Pray Love unless you’re ready to feel like a sad woman who doesn’t really know what she wants but will eat everything in sight.


8 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis and Homemade Pasta

  1. oh what fun it looks like to make pasta! thanks for the stwp-by-step and the tips 🙂 AND for the heads up about the movie. I was wondering how it was… when do you start class?

  2. that looks yummy! I like that you don’t have to let it dry. The one and only time I’ve made homemade pasta I did ravoli and it took forever letting it dry and such – I was actually thinking about making it next week while Caleb was at school – but it takes so long – now I am reinspired!

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