These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

New favorite things!

1) Rebecca Lives in Korea

Screenshot of Skype video between Hartsville, SC and Pohang, S. Korea.

Almost a month ago, my bestie Rebecca flew across the globe to be a teacher in S. Korea for a year. She’s made a blog that documents her experiences, and I gotta say it’s one of my favorites now. (Rebecca, update more!!)

2) Garlic ‘n Herb

I honestly use this seasoning almost every time I make anything, and it’s almost out! Time to head back to Whole Foods…

3) Georgetown Cupcakes

You’re seeing my sweeeeet friend Julie who graciously picked up two delectable cupcakes for me from the bakery on her last trip to DC.

She let me choose the flavors I wanted, and I got salted caramel (amazing!) and PB fudge. I ate half of each and then saved the leftovers for Anna Gail since I knew she loved them.

But you know what happened? Anna G shared them with her cute little Asian boss who loved them so much that she ordered $88 dollars of them while I was standing there. Can you believe it?

I’m thinking about going into cupcake sales now…

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