Planning Ahead: Black Bean Burgers

I can’t believe it’s almost been two weeks since I was able to post! As I am sure you guessed, school has started, and I’m really pressed for free time. And honestly, after writing, editing and reading all day because of school and work, it’s hard to get back on the computer and do it all over again. Any of you fellow bloggers feel the same way?

In preparation for these busy weeks, I tried to make some easy fixers for future meals like black bean burgers.

Southwest Black Bean Burgers

I decided to make two different types to give myself some variety. Here’s the ingredients for the first recipe:

* 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
* 1/4 green bell pepper, chopped
* 1/4 sweet onion, chopped
* 1/8 purple onion, chopped
* 4 cloves garlic, chopped
* 2 T green chili peppers
* 1 T cilantro
* 1/4 C corn
* 1 egg
* 2 t chili powder
* 2 t cumin
* 1/4 C brown rice pasta, pulsed
* 1/4 C oatmeal, pulsed

I will admit that it has been about two weeks since I made these, so my measurements may be a bit off.

After I rinsed and drained my bb, I laid them out on a towel to dry while I prepped the other ingredients since I read that a really “wet” mixture can ruin your burgers.

Many of the recipes I found suggested using bread crumbs or oatmeal as your fillers, so I grabbed both of these, but I also found some brown rice pasta in our cabinet. After cooking al dente, I pulsed it and the oatmeal (separately) in the food processor.

Then, I roughly chopped all my optional ingredients and threw them in the food processor to pulse them down.

I took half the black beans off my pan (since I had two cans for two recipes) and started mashing them up with a fork. Once they were pretty mushy, I added my veggies and herbs and mixed it all together.

Then I cracked my egg and added all the spices with some salt and pepper before stirring it into the black beans.

After that it was time to get my hands dirty and add the oatmeal and pasta to firm up the burgers. I may have used more or less filler than noted. The important thing is to realize when the burgers can maintain a somewhat firm patty shape–that’s when you’ve added enough filler.

At the last moment, I added some thawed frozen corn too.

I made four patties and then put them in a pan with some EVOO over medium heat. I let them cook for about 8 minutes per side.

Once they were all crispy, I took them off the heat, set them aside to cool and then placed them in containers to freeze.

Then, it was time to do a second recipe.

Classic Black Bean Burger

I wanted to make another type of burger that would be more like a “classic hamburger.” So here are the ingredients:

* 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
* 1/4 purple onion, chopped
* 1/4 sweet onion, chopped
* 1/2 shredded carrot
* 4 cloves garlic, chopped
* 2 T fresh basil
* 1 egg
* 2 t garlic and herb seasoning
* 2 t Worcestershire sauce
* salt & pepper
* 1/4 C seasoned bread crumbs
* 1/8 C brown rice pasta, pulsed
* 1/8 C oatmeal, pulsed

All these different types of fillers are unnecessary. I was just testing my options since it was the first time I’d attempted these.

Like the first recipe, I chopped the veggies, pulsed them, mashed the black beans and combined the two.

I thought that the Worcestershire sauce would really make these more real burger like, but I’m not sure what else I could have added. Any ideas?

After adding the egg & spices and fillers, I pattied these out, cooked them using the same method as the above and then froze them along with the others.

Stay tuned for black bean burgers two ways!


8 thoughts on “Planning Ahead: Black Bean Burgers

  1. Those look absolutely delicious!!! I might try them sometime soon…I just have to try to find all of those ingredients. Some things are not easy to find here! We should skype again soon!

  2. These sound great! I’m going to put the southwest version on my “to cook” list 🙂 Thanks for taking the time and finding the motivation to post and take such great pictures. I know how hard it is.

    • Do it and let me know how it goes! Thanks, Sissy. I will confess that posting today was really just procrastinating. Write about a Texas hotel in the middle of nowhere, respond to the comments on religion in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman or post about Black Bean Burgers. hmmmm. 😉

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