What Do You Do when You Are Unemployed?

For the past month, West and I have both been unemployed. While we were both slightly stressed at the prospect of never working again (because that is what it feels like when you send your resume to 20 different places every day and no one calls you), we tried to make the best of the situation.

We bonded with our family. And by bonded with our family, I mean West finally started liking Ryan Gosling.

We also had plenty of time to see our friends who were visiting from California.

We spent countless hours reading for FUN!

West pickled & canned cucumbers, jalapenos and cauliflower.

He was inspired when he found out his sister had been pickling her garden grown cucs.

(He was suppose to do a guest post on these, btw, but he stopped taking pictures halfway through the process. Oh wells.)

And when I left West alone one night, he got really adventurous and whipped up his first batch of bagels.

Look at how cute and perfect they are out of the oven:

In addition to bonding, hanging out, reading and developing new hobbies, West and I also started jogging.

When we made our goals for this year back in January, one of mine was to run a 5k, so we’re hoping to accomplish that one together in October by getting in shape now!

While it would have been nice to not have the stress of us both being unemployed at the same time, I really do think we were blessed to have these days together. Because I worked from home for the first month of our marriage, we literally spent almost every hour together for two months straight. How many newlyweds are allowed such a treasure?

Even though our bank account is significantly lower, we are definitely richer in love 🙂


6 thoughts on “What Do You Do when You Are Unemployed?

  1. awww, being married is a wonderful life…it is such a blessing to have that time together. It will become more and more precious to yall as the years go by.

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