Girl Time

Last Thursday, I had a date with Ms. Shannon, and the first activity on our agenda was bike riding!

I have been dying to make use of my bike, but since West sold his before we moved here, I’ve had no one to ride with. Enter Shannon.

Not only did this lovely lady come ready to ride (or die) but she also brought me tomatoes from her garden!

Once we figured out our path, we set to riding along the scenic Swamp Rabbit Trail out of downtown.

We rode for over 13 miles, and when we finally made it back to our cars, my little bottom was soooo sore. We separated ways to eat lunch & shower before heading up to Asheville.

I had a very inadequate breakfast for all that movement so I ate a bunch of sugary & starchy veggies for lunch šŸ™‚

Once I cleaned up, I picked Shannon up and we drove up to Asheville. But, we got there before Heather and her friends.

So we walked around and around and around.

And just when we were getting tired of looking at weird art…

Heather called to say that we should head over to the chocolate lounge because they just got in town.

So, off we went. You may be confused that we met Heather for dessert before dinner but that is pretty much how Heather works. Sweets are really important.

I choose three perfect little truffles. One for now. One for later. One for much later.

Heather and her friends all purchased a liquid truffle and to wait patiently as these decadent little treats were created.

I tried this liquid truffle, and it was deeelicious.

With the taste of chocolate still on our lips, we headed to get some dinner at Chai Pani, an Indian place in downtown Asheville.

I have been craving Indian food since before our honeymoon, and I was so excited to finally partake in some spicy cuisine. Their menu was quite small, and I didn’t see my beloved chana masala.

But I decided on a potato masala uttapam, which was really yummy.

Heather ordered the lamb curry that came with all these cute little ramekins filled with toppings & sides.

After we were all uncomfortably full (that may have just been me…), we headed over to Warren Wilson for a night of contra dancing.

Contra dancing is sort of like line dancing + medieval dancing. And hippies really like to do it.

The music is usually really good here – bluegrass-ish bands play while you dance.

Shannon and I took before and after pictures.

You can’t really tell from this second picture, but we are a sweaty mess because we just danced for 3ish hours in the Southern heat.

I had such a good time with Shannon and Heather! However, and I’m not trying to harp on this “just married” thing too much, it felt super weird to be away from West for so long. And I decided that next time he has to go with us. Even though he hates dancing with people who don’t like shaving or deodorant. šŸ˜‰

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