Gettin’ that Degree

Last weekend, I walked across the stage to pick up that diploma that I desperately hope was not gained in vain.

With the parents. They said they didn’t deserve a picture since they didn’t pay for this one. However, they did put up with some pretty serious melt downs during student teaching.

Ready to get outta there. It was good to see my school friends one more time, but this graduation felt SO different than undergrad. I did not feel that accomplished. And my diploma doesn’t even say summa cum laude. What.A.Waste.

But afterwards, the parents took West & me out to PF Changs in Charlotte, where I ordered my beloved eggplant (I’m forever indebted to you, Laura Brown).

Then, West and I hopped back in the car, which was just a little warm…

to head over to see our newlywed friends: Tyler & Melissa!

This is them doing their “band pose.” They look way too cool, right?

They live in a super cute townhome in downtown Charlotte, which we got to tour while visiting. While E was away, we got to see their other child, LuLu, the spinx.

I just love Melissa so much, and it was so nice to see her for a few hours in her new home. I love that we are sort of at the same place in our lives-I just wish we lived closer! Here’s to hoping its in our future.

West had to play a show in Charlotte, but I made him take me to Cantina 1511 before it started.

This is the second time we’ve been here, and the second time West hasn’t eaten anything. (In the picture below he is absolutely mortified that I used the flash. I really embarrass him with flash pictures in public.)

Last time we were here, he was getting over the flu and a hole in his stomach from taking too much medicine without eating. This time, he ate stupid pizza beforehand because he didn’t think we were going out. Communication problems. We’re working on it.

I ordered exactly what we tried to split last time: Tacos Marco Polo. Seriously amazing.

We hurried back to Amos so West could get show ready while I read a book in the car (turning into a grandma, I know). After the concert, I watched as the boys packed up so we could drive back to G-ville.

Jordan and Harrison. Working hard or hardly working? heh. heh.

My husband manhandling those merch boxes.

I think Jordan wants me to tell you that their new CD came out this year, and it’s pretty much the best ever. Listen to some of it here. My favorites are About Rain, Too, Grass Grows Green & Hands in the Dirt.

We made it home before 2am, so I’d say it was a successful day.


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ that Degree

  1. I love this post! The one picture of Tyler and me is great. Also, LuLu. Hilarious. She’s posing as a diva for that one. Miss you.

  2. Well…. Noticed none of the Joneses were in any of these pictures….. Hummmm wonder why? 🙂 So happy you graduated. Trust in the Lord- be willing to step out – be stretched by Him- do that which you never thought you could- He will guide you every step.

    Proud of you!

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