Steak & Potatoes

West recently started his new job in Greenville, and I knew I wanted to make him something special his first night home from the job (very housewife-y of me, right?).

Obviously, every man who enjoys eating flesh, enjoys a good steak and potatoes meal. However, you may not have picked up on this yet, but I don’t fix a lot of meat, which means I don’t buy a lot of meat. I eat animals two or three times a week because I feel better when my veggie + bean intake is higher than my meat intake and because its CHEAPER to buy a stalk of broccoli than a breast of chicken.

Anywho, we only had one type of meat in the house: frozen beef tips that were left over from a stew the week before. I decided these would have to do.

The Pioneer Woman saved me with this recipe. Basically, you cook your beef tips in a very hot pan with butter.

Of course, I burnt the butter, then turned the temperature down too low, and didn’t get a good batch until the very end. Oh well.

Also, please finish every steak with butter+fresh herbs. They make it infinitely better. I promise.

In addition to the steak, I did these beer soaked roasted potatoes (adapted from the edible perspective).

After about twenty minutes in the beer, I threw them on a pan with some olive oil, garlic & herb seasoning, and salt.

I rounded out the meal with a few stalks of broccoli because you still need your veggies even if you eat meat.

We were both quite pleased with this celebratory, first-day-on-the-job meal. And I was glad to get one of our “meat meals” out of the way 🙂

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