Odes to the Pioneer Woman and Thomas Keller

No, I’m not about to write a lengthy song of praise to these two culinary geniuses, but I am about to show you two dishes that I created from their wonderful recipes. This post is probably weeks overdue. However, I recently started two jobs within like a week. Remember that time I was unemployed? Yep. Not anymore. I just need to figure how to go from working 0 hours per week to working over 50. yikes.

On to the yummy stuff. After the steak bites success, I went back to the lovely Pioneer Woman to get this recipe: Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork. As usual, I had to make some substitutions because I didn’t have half a pig on hand.

So, I used some defrosted chicken breasts I had purchased a few weeks back. We also were fresh out of Dr. Pepper. In fact, we don’t usually buy soda at all, but the last time West & I went home, my mom loaded us up with all HIS favorites, which included an eight pack of Coca-Colas.

(Side note: When we were at the store, my mom told us to go get stuff for him. I made him get the regular size bag of ruffles because I didn’t think it was appropriate for TWO people to get a family size bag. My mom figured out what I did and made me go back and get the family size bag for him. He was happy I was outvoted.)

Onward! I gathered the other necessary ingredients.

I love how the Pioneer Woman keeps it simple. I deviated from her stove-top cooking method to a crockpot because my apt gets way too hot if I turn that stove on for more than 15 minutes.

I salt and peppered the meat as instructed and then layered the onions, chicken, brown sugar, adobe chipotle peppers, and coke. I turned it on high to let it cook for about three hours…?

An older lady owned this crockpot before it found its way to me through my mother. And I suppose she could not read the small labels for Low and High, so she drew huge arrows & letters. I hope I do awesome stuff like this when I get older.

Towards the end of the cooking time, I got started on our side: corn on the cob with lime salt. I took a picture of the recipe, but then I realized that it is probably against copyright laws to post it. Instead, know that it came from this book (which was a very sweet graduation gift from my husband) and that it is awesome, so you should go buy it.

I premade my lime salt, which is basically lime rind + coarse salt.

By the time the lime salt was ready, my chicken was done. So I removed it, shredded it, and placed it back in the juices to stay moist till everything was ready.

I boiled my corn and made a herb butter with chives + the lime salt.

Then, it was time for plating. So delicious and colorful.

I used a corn tortilla and spinach as a bed for the chicken. We topped it with pepper jack (since that’s what we had), but we added sour cream because while it was SO GOOD, it was also SO HOT. 🙂

And I’m still dreaming about that corn. Speaking of dreams, I dreamt about Thomas Keller last night…kinda weird right? Buy the cookbook or eat at one of his restaurants. You’ll understand.

Till next time…

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