Year of the Wedding

West and I aren’t the only couple in his family to unite this year. We attended his cousin Wimberly’s wedding last month, and his cousin Matt is getting married this month. I took pictures the weekend of Wimberly’s wedding, thinking I would share it on the blog, and here we are a month later with no pictures to be seen. Let’s change that.

His whole family (minus Amanda & Chris – missed ya’ll!) came up for the wedding, and we had them over for brunch on Saturday.

I made my first frittata, which included potatoes, bacon, spinach, and cheese among a few other things. West made our favorite cheese grits (we use a mix of stock, half-n-half, and water for the base for extra flava), and I cut some fresh berries since everything else in our meal looked like it might give you a heart attack. πŸ™‚

The family!

Carol and Mason, I apologize that your heads are cut off. Poloriods have a very narrow shooting range. Next time, get closer. K?

Grandmama, Jack, and West

Kelly & Lisa

After brunch, the family headed back to Fountain Inn to get ready for the wedding and their wedding duties. West and lounged around and then headed up a bit later to be seated front and center.

It was a very sweet wedding! I wish I could have snapped a better photo, but Carol and West chastised me for even taking that one.

On to the reception – West had a show, so he wasn’t able to go and enjoy the delicious food and cakes. I took one for the team and stayed behind so that at least one of us was there πŸ˜‰

Her aunt made her cake, and it was beautiful! The main cake was covered in hand-formed dogwood flowers.

They also had her aunt make various smaller cakes. I think I tried the butter pecan, and it was seriously one of the best cakes I have ever put in my mouth (Mom, you would have been in wedding cake heaven!).

I loved their cake table – such a great idea. Here’s a picture of the cake woman busy at work.

West’s Aunt Jan and her sweet daughter Carly about to snag some cake!

After filling up, everyone hit the dance floor. Carol and Jackson know how to cut a rug: see below.

A quick shot of Jan and Carol coming off the dance floor…

…and some of the happiest newlyweds I have seen.

Going to weddings after actually getting married is so different than before – it’s so much more special, and we’re so thankful that Nick and Wimberly let us be apart of their special day πŸ™‚

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