First Time Scallops

In the past few years, West and I both discovered that we really like scallops. and oysters. and mussels. Basically, we had never had good shellfish until we hit our mid-twenties, and now that we have had it, we want to always have it. Except, that stuff is kinda expensive, so we figured we should try making it on our own.

Also, in case you were wondering, scallops are still really expensive, even when you buy them at the store. Oops.

We made creamed corn and melted leeks to go along with them, and while I would love to share the recipes of all three, they came out of here:

So you are just going to have to be inspired by the pictures 😉

Fresh corn in the pan

Leeks, waiting for West to harvest their tender insides

If you have never cleaned leeks before, this is helpful to know. Don’t worry about washing them before you cut the desired amount. After they are cut, just dump them into a bowl of water and swishes them (gently) around until all the dirt settles at the bottom.

Scallops sitting in their salt water mixture, brining.

Creaming that corn…

Blanching those leeks! This was actually the first time I’ve truly blanched anything.

After the leeks go for an ice bath, you drain them using a cooking sheet or maybe a broiling pan if you are us.

While all that craziness was going on with West’s leeks, I was searing our scallops perfectly. A few things I learned: clarified butter is a must for that lovely caramel color AND these size scallops (U7s) only take between 2-3 minutes per side to cook fully.

Back to the leeks: melting.

All plated up and pretty. If you are thinking “that seems like a lot of food,” it was. I realized that those scallops were way too big to eat three a piece. I ate them all anyway because they cost so much. But for future reference, two would have been plenty.

Everything was so delicious; however, we both agreed that everything was also VERY rich. Scallops have a natural sweetness / richness, so we decided that next time, we wanted to go a more savory / light route.

The actual scallop process wasn’t too intimidating for a newbie, so if you like them, I hope you’ll be inspired to try your own hand at them 🙂


4 thoughts on “First Time Scallops

  1. Oh man, this looks great! I love seafood especially scallops, and now I’ll have to wait until next summer to partake in those beautiful puppies. Seafood just doesn’t float around close to a landlocked country!

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