Saving Labor Day

For the past five or so years (maybe even longer), my immediate family (and sometimes extra friends) spends Labor Day weekend together, and at some point over the weekend, we go hiking. This tradition becomes increasingly hard to keep when we are all in different places, and while Charity and Hope managed to spend the weekend at home, West had a show in Georgia that kept us from crossing the NC state line.

We did, however, plan to still meet up for a hike in Asheville, but a little tropical storm ruined that. 😦 We managed to save Labor Day by meeting for a sweet lil’ lunch at:

Before we got to Asheville, though, West and I took a pit stop at Sky Top Orchard.

But it was rainy and there were like no apples, which made me feel worse for cheating on my go-to apple supplier, Apple Hill Orchard. Looks like we will be heading to my parent’s house soon to go apple picking!

I made West make this sad face for no apples, but I think he was actually fighting a smile.

After that fruitless (ha-ha) side trip, we headed up the mountain to meet my parents. Charity had to drive back to Raleigh, and our little Hopey was already bogged down in school work.

Once seated, we were greeted with warm biscuits, blueberry jam, and apple butter.

I like the biscuits, but they are a bit more dense than I think they should be. I’m definitely more of a fan of the light & fluffy.

We were all in the mood for breakfast, ‘cept mom who ordered the tomato soup & salad combo. West got something that looked delish: Breakfast Bowl.

And I chose the Country Breakfast; however, I subbed out my meat choice so I could have the goat cheese grits (so.darn.good.) AND the country potatoes. I love carbs.

We had such a good time with the parentals and sat and talked a long while after our food was gone. It’s so fun how you get the chance to be friends with your parents as you get older. Blessing!

After lunch, we spent an hour or so at the Verizon store getting new phones (my parents are letting us get on their plan to save money), and then, we parted ways so we could get back to G-ville and they could get to their vacation.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to see my mom and not receive tons of goodies…

Some end of harvest tomatoes and cucumbers from a sweet older man in my parent’s church.

And homemade bread, cookies, and pizzas rolls. Have you ever had a pizza roll? I don’t think my mom invented them, but man, hers are good!

We had a great Labor Day, but I really hope we get the tradition going strong again for next year. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Saving Labor Day

    • Hope so, Sissy! Oh, also, I used you as an example in class this week. I was teaching revision, and I was explaining how even the best book authors revise their works. Of course, someone had to get smart and say, “Don’t they just throw that off on an editor?” So, I told them about you and explained how you don’t get to that level for a veryyyyyy long time πŸ™‚

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