American Grocery

Ever have trouble balancing everything in your life? Yeah. I started a new job recently, and while it’s a blessing to finally have the hope of benefits and vacation days, it means that I’ve been just a wee bit busier (read: more overwhelmed) than usual. I’m still teaching, too. Oh, and I’m still training for my 5k, and then there’s my new husband that wants food every now and then. And then there’s that community we’d like to keep building…. The point is that I had to cut something out, so that’s why you haven’t seen any blogs 🙂

Since I can’t fathom planning a lesson right now with my brain dead head, I’m writing a post instead. Back at the end of August, Greenville hosted its Foodie Week, where several high-end restaurants in Greenville offered a three-course menu for the price of 30 dollars. I convinced West that it was necessary for us to finally try American Grocery.

American Grocery is one of the many restaurants that creates its menu based on what is available locally and seasonally. They even have a cute little grocery list as part of their menu, which highlights local farms that supply their ingredients.

I started with some type of peach + jalapeno drink, which was very tasty.

Then, I ordered the rabbit sausage with a corn maque choux. It was my favorite thing I ate that night, and I wish I could have just ordered ten of them.

For the second course, I tried the potato-crusted trout served with a red pea ragout and green tomato chow chow. This was good, but the sausage was better.

Maybe you’re wondering what West ordered for his first and second courses. I wish I could show you, but he is highly embarrassed that I take pictures of my food in public, which means he won’t let me snap any more than I absolutely have to. Oh well. I did snap a pic of his dessert: Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

He definitely ordered the winning dessert because my chocolate – raspberry creme brulee with a peanut butter mousse just had too much going on to be good. 😦

We had a fun night out, though, and even caught some fireworks on the way home!

If you had some money to drop on food, I would definitely recommend American Grocery. We’ve tried a few of the nicer places in Greenville, and this ranks high on our list.

Now, I can’t wait until Restaurant Week in January, so I can finally try Devereaux’s. Time to start saving…

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