Married Friends.

Over a month ago now (I’m a little behind.), Shannon and Daniel invited us over to their house for dinner and a night of card playing. We brought the bread because my husband is a baker 🙂

We got to meet all their babies:

Smeagle really liked West from the start.

They also have the cutest greyhound EVER.

Shannon made us pasta in cream sauce. mmmmm.

She also made a cherry pie from scratch, and it was the BEST cherry pie I have ever had.

Lovely crust and luscious filling…

And here is the pie expert herself!

We love hanging out with Shannon and Daniel; it is nice to have friends who are at a similar stage of life as you. Now, to convince Rachel and Brandon to move back . . .


4 thoughts on “Married Friends.

  1. It wouldn’t take much convincing! We miss you. By the way, I was already asleep when you called last night. That’s how I like to spend my wild Friday nights when B is out of town;)

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