Moonlight Movies

Sometimes, I feel like I spend every waking moment inside four walls. But one night a week, I experience the relief of real air and green things when we run through downtown Greenville’s parks. On one of these recent runs, we decided to take advantage of the cooling weather and downtown’s Moonlight Movies.

After the run, we went to spread our blankets and claim our spots.

We unpacked all sorts of picnic goodies…

And tried to snap a few photos before it turned dark.

We settled in for what we thought was the Nutty Professor (the original, folks) but what turned into the Wizard of Oz. No wonder there were a MILLION children running around WAY past their bedtimes.

I thought we could make it through the movie, but we ended up having to say goodbye to Shannon and Daniel because we just got tooooooo sleepy.

I wish that Greenvile hosted the Moonlight Movies throughout the summer, but I suppose it is dreadfully hot some nights. Looking forward to hopefully making it through an entire film next year…


4 thoughts on “Moonlight Movies

  1. Hartsville does this throughout the warmer months and it is so much fun. We see so many of our friends and their families- it’s a great time of food and fellowship. Glad to see Greenville is keeping up! ๐Ÿ™‚

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