Shows, Fairs, and Deer

A few weekends ago, West and I drove 10 hours to see friends, the fair, and family. We started the weekend by driving to Charleston after work because West had a show in downtown.

(Photo Cred Idea: Gabby)

There was an important meeting in the boardroom before the show.

This was a very monumental show because all the girlfriends were there! Beauts.

After the show, we drove all the way up to my parent’s house in North Carolina so we could go to the Cleveland County Fair with my mom and little sister.

The famous water wheel.

It wasn’t too crowded when we got there, but it was packed by the time we left! Prepare yourself for a massive amount of fair food and fun pictures. 🙂

Fries with salt & apple cider vinegar. My favorite!

I am aware that this is not an ideal picture of any of us, but this is the only one that was snapped of all 3 out of 4 Tinnin women that were present that day 🙂

Grilled corn on the cob

After the homemade potato chips, we started to feel a little like this . . .

so we took a break to look at some livestock.

Baby horsies.

Then, mom paid West a dollar to milk a cow. It took him awhile, but he eventually got it. He even got some milk out of it (ha. ha.)!

We played some games, starting with the classic Fat Albert.

You place your bet on a color, and if the white rat (Albert) runs in the whole of your color, you win tokens. When I was a kid, though, I really think you won money, which is way better than dirty stuffed animals.

West also tried to win a prize by throwing dimes in cups.

He may have hit someone with a dime…

Hope also played her first game of BINGO.

But she lost.

While I won’t get on any of the rides, I love their retro looks.

After all that walking, we had an appetite for fried pickles,

which kept us full as we walked through the exhibition halls filled with award-winning can goods

and HUGE produce.

I wonder how many pumpkin spiced lattes those would make… 🙂 I really can’t wait until I have enough yard for a garden so I can enter one of these competitions!

We left the fair after a few more undocumented eats (a corndog and chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick [and yes, I felt sick.]) and headed back to the hills where these guys met us.

Goats apparently now run free at the camp, and they are not scared to approach people. Later, West had the opportunity to help Caleb with a deer, so he suited up in some of my dad’s gear (fyi: I don’t think my dad has ever hunted, and I have no idea why he has all this camo).

The deer…

West lasted about 45 minutes, and then he got too nauseated and had to come back inside. I swear he had no color in his face for like an hour. lol.

It was such a fun-filled weekend, and I’m glad that after last year’s disappointment I finally had good fair food again. 🙂


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