First 5k and Halloween

Since July, West and I have been training for our first 5k, and this weekend we finally got to race! We picked up our packets the night before, which included these snazzy shirts.

West did some research and found out that it is apparently a newbie faux pas to wear the race shirt to the actual race, so we didn’t wear them the day of 🙂

We woke up around 6:00 am on Saturday, fueled up with some coffee and p. butter smothered bagels, and headed downtown to get in place.

Our race numbers! We got to watch the Half – Marathon and the Kid Fun Run start. Those babies looked so cute! And before we knew it, it was time for us to start.

The course was pretty hilly in comparison to what I’d been running, and it was way colder than anything I’d ran in before. While I don’t know that warmer weather would have resulted in a better race time, I do think warmer weather would have resulted in a more enjoyable race. It was HARD.

But we finished with a final chip time of 29:23 – 37 seconds faster than my goal! West, of course, wasn’t even winded, but I’m so glad we ran our first one together! We already have plans to run the Cooper River Bridge Run in March (which will bump our mileage up to 10k), and West definitely wants to run the half-marathon next year.

Before this summer, I had never ran longer than a mile and a half in my ENTIRE life and certainly not at a 9:30-mile pace. I’m proof that it’s never too late to pick up running!

After the race, we headed to feed our growling tummies at Stax.

West had grabbed a turkey + cheese sandwich after the race (I was too nauseated to eat, ha), but he was still starving. He ordered the biggest omelet and ate every bit of it!

I was in carb + dairy heaven with this two egg, cheese grit, and potato breakfast plate. When we were done, we headed back to the apt to collapse into an afternoon of Breaking Bad on the couch.

We had to recoup because we had a Halloween party to attend, which included


Bread-shaped spiders

Victorian Industrial Ghosts

And Best Friend necklaces.

West and I did attempt to dress up as Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper, but most people just thought we were hipsters or ourselves, which is actually kind of funny since West was totally wearing mom jeans. haha.

Costume fail. We’ll do better next year and take pictures; I promise.


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