Best Vegan Dish Ever

A few weeks ago, my sweet little Laura G came to town for her fall break. She recently returned to her vegan ways, and I wanted to wow her with a really good vegan dish. Sadly, she had to return to D.C. and her school work sooner than planned, so I ended up just making the dish for West and me. This one’s for you LG!

As I’ve noted before, I don’t really like tofu, but I decided to give it another chance using this method called dry frying. Basically, you cook all the moisture OUT of the tofu first and then marinade to add flavor.

I started the process by pressing the water out of my tofu with towels.

And then I patiently waited while the water cooked out of my uncrowded tofu slices.

You know they are done when they turn golden! Once they were all dried up, I soaked them in a mixture of the following (recipe also found in the dry frying link…):

I let the tofu soak for one hour in the fridge while I made some brown fried rice (and, yes, I added an egg since we didn’t really have a vegan eating with us) and stir-fried some veggies.

I also whipped up a delicious batch of Momma Pea’s Mmmm Sauce to top our rice bowls with.

At the very last minute, I threw the tofu and marinade in a hot pan, where the juices thickened up, creating a glaze over the tofu.

This meal was SO YUM. Honestly, I’m always skeptical of vegan dishes (I have a hard time with believing something without dairy could be delicious ;)), but this was by far the best (-egg) vegan meal I have ever had. West really liked it too and has already requested it be put into our rotation.

Laura, I wish you had been with us to enjoy our first almost vegan meal as a married couple; we need to recreate it soon!


4 thoughts on “Best Vegan Dish Ever

  1. That sounds so good Faithie! I don’t like tofu either but if you and West liked it in this, it must be good! I want to try it now.

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