Weekend Getaway

Ever feel the urge to get away? Last weekend, West and I got to satisfy that urge with a overnight trip to Charlotte to see one of our favorite little families. Upon driving up to their home, we were met curbside by this little man:

Melissa and Tyler invited us over for dinner, and while they were finishing getting things together, Ethan shared this yummy salsa his mom made.

He also gave us a tour of the house (he wasn’t home the last time we visited, so he didn’t know we’d already seen it). In case you forgot, they live in the cutest townhome in downtown Charlotte. West and I are green with envy 🙂 They had hung pictures up / rearranged some things since we visited in the summer, and it was even cuter!

Melissa and Tyler made us individual quesadillas that were so gooooood.

While we ate, we talked and listened to records in their living room. Then, before E went to bed, he read us a story.

Since West and I are pretty much like 60, we were yawning like crazy around 10:30; we said goodbye and headed to sleep at the DoubleTree near the airport, which, by the way, is really depressing feeling even though it says it’s 3.5 stars (but don’t worry, we pricelined it, Dad ;)).

Sleeping in a king bed, however, was absolutely amazing. West and I have a double at home, and I think one of our goals for next year is to save enough for a queen because it is SMALL. Before we knew it, it was time to wake and run!

Melissa and me looking our best before our run. ha-ha.

West looks equally out of it. Melissa took us on a run through her neighborhood area. Downtown seriously has some beautiful neighborhoods; of course, we would have to sale our first born (or maybe all future children) to afford to live there, but it was a gorgeous place to run, despite the 40 degree weather.

As we ran, Tyler coached Ethan on some photo skills with our camera. Here’s one of his shots:

After running, we were starving, so West and I headed back once again to shower and grab some brunch. Even though Melissa tried to sway us to eat at the Original Pancake House (is that right, Melissa?), we couldn’t resist the call of the Flying Biscuit.

I can’t move away from my fascination with carbs, so I ordered the goat cheese grits, potatoes, two over-medium eggs and one of their fluffy biscuits.

West ordered sort of the same thing, except no potatoes and add meat.

His also came with a side of decadent french toast.

I was so full after the meal I had trouble breathing. No joke.

After brunch, we met up with T & M one more time for a trip to IKEA! West and I had been saving some money to purchase a futon for our back bedroom so that I could hang out with him while he worked on website design stuff and so our future visitors would have a place to sleep.

We took our time testing our choices and finally settled on what we wanted by the time we ran back into our friends.

IKEA was a mad house on Saturday because apparently ALL of Charlotte had received this $25 coupon.

We were very nervous about our purchases because we knew that length-wise, we were pressing our luck with getting the futon in the car.

I got more and more nervous as we waited in line for like 20 minutes.

Once everything was paid for, we enlisted Tyler and Melissa’s help to getting everything in the car. Thank the Lord they were there!

While we thought about letting the boxes hang out the trunk, we ended up shoving it all into the car (30 minutes later), which, though uncomfortable, felt safer to me.

We said goodbye to our favorite Charlotte family that we had so much fun with. I am just waiting for Melissa to tell me that I can start praying for jobs for them in Greenville. 🙂

Then, it was the tight ride back to G-ville.

Yes, there is a mattress on our heads. We laughed the whole way home. hahahaha.

We worked hard to get it done before the football game came on that night.

Ta-da! Ryan refused to move, claiming he was too busy on the interwebs.

We are now ready for visitors; contact us today to reserve your stay 😉

I’m not sure what it was about last weekend, but West and I agreed that it was the longest, most relaxing, most fun weekend we had enjoyed in a loooonnng time. I’m hoping we get away one more time before the year’s out for my b-day!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. I love the book Diary of a Worm! Read it to my Kindergarten sweeties during school and they loved it too. Solid choice Ethan! 🙂

  2. Last time I went to IKEA with two friends, I made the near-mistake of buying a coffee table before measuring my car. We eventually angled it into the backseat: the door barely closed as I squeezed in beside it, and my arm quickly went to sleep from having the box uncomfortably wedged under my armpit. It was worth it, though!

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